Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Pushing Sassy"

I did this sketch for comedian Dewey Chaffee.
To see him in action go to:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wacko Jacko or King of Pop....


Wacko Jacko or King of Pop? It's you call. After "Thriller" he lived a very lonely life. He had to create his own world "Neverland Ranch", because he couldn't go out in public. He done a lot of weird things in his life. Creeped us all out from time to time.
But you have to admit, Michael Jackson has impacted all of our lives. We grew up with him, his music, his signature dance moves. COME ON!!! We have all tried to "Moonwalk".

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Check it out...

"It is what comic improvisation should be. Mark Baratelli is a freakin' comic genius! Go see his show."

"Mark Baratelli's Improv Cabaret is... laugh-until-you-cry hilarious."
Orlando Sentinel, May 18, 2009

Musical Improvisor and Editor of "The Daily City", Mark Baratelli blogged about me on thedailycity.com. To check it out go to:


To learn more about Mark Baratelli go to:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Down Town Orlando Art show

Here is a flyer for the show I'm in now. If your in Down Town Orlando, hit up the City Arts Factory. You can check out the original Danny Trejo, Elvis paintings, and much more.
Multiple galleries, and tons of art work done by amazing artists.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Buddy Rich and Marlyn Monroe...

If you don't know who Buddy Rich is....Then your stupid! You should really check him out. He is one of the best jazz drummers in the world. And I have the pleasure of painting him. The painting is 4x5 foot. This will be the biggest painting I have done. Well, besides the 10 foot tall guitar. That doesn't count. Willie Nelson was small on it.
Anyway, I wanted to post his progress as I paint it. So here's some pics of what I have so far.

I'm also doing a painting of Marlyn Monroe. It will be called "Baby got back!". Ill post updates on her as well.

Gibson Guitar auction...

The auction was awesome!!! The opening reception was held outside The Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios Orlando Florida. And the auction was held at the Blue Man Group theater.
A lot of great food, great artwork and rock n roll! My Willie Nelson Guitar sold for $1700.00. And all the proceeds went to local charity.
After the auction, the Blue Man Group gave an amazing performance. Jean and I had a wonderful time.

Good bye SeaWorld.....

It has been a while since I've posted anything. So I'm here to bring everyone up to speed on my life. And I'm trying to get in to the habit of posting more often.

A lot of things have changed in my life the past few months. For starters, I don't work for Kaman's Art Shoppes (SeaWorld, Busch Gardens)anymore. I've been doing a lot of gigs, fairs, festivals, and art shows. I just work where ever I can to be an artist.
There's ups and downs to this life style of working fairs and festivals. The "ups" are: I get to work with old friends. I get paid more. I'm self employed. I travel all over the U.S.
There's downs as well: I'm doing this part time so I can be home to paint. So there's big gaps between pay days. I'm gone for long periods of time. And when your gone, a lot of things change, people change, your relationships change or even end. Because life keeps moving while your gone. If your not plugged into it, they'll forget about you and move on. They'll get fed somewhere else.
So I'm going to be working my butt off to get more work in Florida. I'm going to make "Mess Your Face.com bigger and better then any other caricature booking site. It's going to look great and be easy to use. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of August 2009. I'm also going to do little Festivals here to hand out business cards. If your a caricature artist that wants work and would like to help promote Mess Your Face.com just let me know. I'll make you business cards. Put your name on the back of them and you can hand them out like crazy!!!