Friday, June 26, 2009

Wacko Jacko or King of Pop....

Wacko Jacko or King of Pop? It's you call. After "Thriller" he lived a very lonely life. He had to create his own world "Neverland Ranch", because he couldn't go out in public. He done a lot of weird things in his life. Creeped us all out from time to time.
But you have to admit, Michael Jackson has impacted all of our lives. We grew up with him, his music, his signature dance moves. COME ON!!! We have all tried to "Moonwalk".

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Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

For the last few years I would have to go with Wack-o-Jacko, but now that he's gone, I would to remember him as the King of pop. Long live Michael Jackson.

I could NEVER do the moon walk...shame.