Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I want you to draw for me but I hate your artwork...

I hate people... This guy found me online. He wanted me to draw 2 sketches. One of him with a football body and one with a baseball body.
When we talked on the phone he kept over talking me. He had no interest in what I had to say.
Then he starts showing me other caricature artist's websites and tells me that he wants me to draw like them.
I ignored him and tried my best to get the sale. I just wanted him to send me photos so I can start drawing him.
Instead of a photo of himself, he sends me this Email with the caricature you see to the left.

"Nic here you go.
Would hair even on both sides. This photo has me riding in the wind, so you can't see the other side of my hair on the side below the ears."

He wanted me to redraw this sketch of his face and put a different body on it.

Then I realized this guy wants me to draw for him, but he hates my artwork, so he wants me to draw like someone else. What a wait of time. Why not just contact a different artist.

I was so pissed! I couldn't do it. I sent him on his way...


Zach Trenholm said...

Got here courtesy of Google alerts. Although Initially confused (Secrets of NEM? Must be fantasy fan boy fluff... ), it's one of the most refreshing unvarnished blogs on caricature i've come by in some time--or at least the last 2 posts have been.

Funny, insightful stuff Nick...!

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

Yeah, dude, It's a good thing you turned it down... I'm not sure you could even improve THAT DRAWING.