Monday, August 24, 2009

Tales from New York...

Hey guys. I'm at Canal Fest here in Tonawanda, New York. This is where I met Dave.

Say Hi Dave! Dave was a reject. Dave tried to tell me what to draw and I ignored him. He sat in my chair acting all ghetto and hard with his man boobs. When I showed him the sketch he got upset. "I tol you not to make my hea aw big!" I explained to him that he doesn't have the option to tell me what to draw. And that I'm here to make fun of him. Dave got mad and left.

So I decided to put Dave up as a demo. Little did I know, Dave was a local Celebrity. Not really, but a lot of people new him. For the next 3 days random people would come to the stand laughing. "Yo dog, that's Dave. Yeah, I know Dave". "Awe snap, Look is Dave." "Hey I know that guy, it's Dave." "Dave the prez of my car club."

So Dave became the mascot of the Fair.

I figured Dave got word that his sketch was hanging up at the stand so I took it down. I didn't want people to steal him. So now he's the RV mascot. Every time we leave the RV we say bye to Dave by smacking him in the face.

Hey, who know, maybe some of you guys know Dave too.

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l e d o said...

I love it when over accessorized tools get there ego shattered by the felt tip. Good job, great story.