Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twigs comic strip...

Jean has this teddy bear named Twigbee. They have been friends since she was 2 years old. Twigbee and I don't get along. He's always giving me dirty looks. And he stares at me all the time with those beety eyes. So I punch him and kick him across the room.
Anyway, Jean wanted me to draw a comic strip of her and Twigbee. Of course the bully is me. She told me what to draw and I drew it. Stupid bear... She bribed me with popcorn. I couldn't say no.


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

I too, have often mistaken you for a bite sized Cheeto, so, I can't be to hard on the bear... honest mistake

Dewey Chaffee said... make me happy. You have no idea! GREAT work! I WANT MORE TWIGBEE!!!